Cargo Handling

5000 square metre privately managed warehouse at Larnaca Airport
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We offer a complete range of reliable and secure cargo handling services ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal balance of volume and weight.  We operate our own guarded warehouse at LarnaKa International Airport offering a 24/7 service. All shifts are covered by DGR IATA licensed personnel and our security procedures are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Airtrans is unique in that it is the only company to have its own secure cargo handling facilities at Larnaca Airport.  In 2015, Airtrans acquired an additional 4000 square metre area at Larnaca Airport, specially constructed with warehouse, offices space and yard areas – all privately managed.  The new privately managed warehouse is the largest in size at Larnaca International Airport. From live animals to dangerous goods (DGR), we make sure that our new facilities provide the right conditions for the handling of your cargo, with features, including  x-ray screening machine, cold room, specially dedicated dangerous goods area, closed circuit television and much more. Set up in a fenced area of 5000 square metres, the company’s new cargo warehouse is one of the safest and most secure places within the Airport with the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and security.

Some of the features of our new warehouse infrastructure include:

  • X-Ray Machine
  • Cool room (15°C - 20°C, 80 square metres)
  • Cold rooms (2°C - 8°C, HACCP approved)
  • Dangerous Goods area
  • Scales (up to 10,000 kgs)
  • Closed Circuit television (29 cameras)
  • Warehouse fire alarm system (installed in all offices and warehouse)
  • Live animals, Human remains and Valuable designated areas
  • Electric power generator
  • Delivery ramps and docs
What our services include
  • Cargo Handling
    • Acceptance of cargo
    • Security checks
    • Build-up and break-down of cargo and mail
    • Export and import document handling
    • AWB check
    • Preparation of manifests
    • Issuance of delivery orders
    • Special handling of perishable, valuable, hazardous cargo etc. 


  • Warehousing
    • Cargo handling of almost any type of cargo (Dangerous Goods, Live Animals, Perishables, etc.)
    • Security screening
    • Acceptance and Delivery
    • Preparation “Ready to Carriage”
    • Build up and break down of loads
    • Ideal location with proximity of 200 metres from airside
    • Large fenced parking areas
    • Bonded warehouse (coming soon)


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